M7EMIRATES has matured from a start-up operation to a global company. The Company enables to maximize value from its asset base and capture new opportunities. Following a period of growth through business development, we are now concentrating on developing the many opportunities within our existing asset base and footprint. Our strategy is based on four pillars:

1. Portfolio
Our portfolio stretches across the project management value chain, from design and construction to exploration and sales from South & North America, across Europe to greater MENA, Africa and into Asia. M7EMIRATES has the experience, skills and knowledge to create value, efficiently and safely. We are developing best-in-class operational precision to realize this potential, whether in our complete business program.

2. Natural growth
To provide our services to our clients provide significant growth opportunities. Our projected growth will be base on sustainable, long-term projects.

3. Diversification
Our operational potential in 16 separate but comprehensive business area’s allow us giving best practice results. The actions we have taken during from the beginning place M7EMIRATES in a strong financial position, with sound liquidity and improving resources ratios.

4. Human resources
Success at M7EMIRATES is fundamentally based on our people. The powerful combination of our knowledge and experience with our business portfolio Investing in our people forms a core part of our strategy. The benefits can be seen in our realized projects and projects still under construction.
Our mission is to continue to develop our people and our organization, with a particular interest in experience, knowledge and teamwork. We intend to deliver against each of these strategies while adhering to a very strict code of corporate conduct that provides complete transparency for all our stakeholders and ensures we behave ethically in all of our transactions.