Start Invitation by the owner/client, representative or RfP Will be financed by:
1. Client will invite M7Emirates    M7E 
2. We will present  our portfolio and Pre Qualification to the Client, Owner, Investment authority or Master developer Authority    the client
3. We will explain the way we work, the procedures we follow and if applicable sign NDA and MoU for Partnership    the project
4.  Client will present the Initial Projects one by one, the existing funding and conditions
5.  We will look at the feasibility and business case
6. We will survey our % funding part of the initial project
7. We will get an internal approval for funding (percentage)
8. In combination with Client/Principal we are able to start or execute the project
9. We will supervise the project or masterplan
10.  We will hand over to the operator or end user

Thank you for your interest. If you would like more information  about our realized projects.We would be pleased if you send us a message.