Kindly e-mail your proposal submissions to the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat: Please be sure to cc

Please Keep in Mind:
  • Parties seeking financial resources from M7Emiartes must submit their project and project or program proposals directly through accredited National, Regional, or Multilateral Implementing Entities.
  • If you represent an institution that is interested in becoming accredited then please contact first.
  • Proposals require endorsement by the Authorities of the country, if relevant,  in which the project or program would take place. Please be sure all necessarily docs will be enclosed
  • The Adaptation Fund Board requests that all proposals be written in English.
  • After submission parties can request clarification by mail from the  Adaptation Fund Board on matters related to submissions:
  • The Adaptation Fund Board accepts and considers project and program proposals throughout the year on a rolling basis. There is no deadline to get started.
  • A complete submission will increase the total review funding period from month’s to several weeks!
  • The Adaptation Fund has received nearly 87 conceptual and full project proposals to date, with an average funding request of nearly US$110  million. the Board had approved funding for 18 projects. The Secretariat, which assists the Adaptation Fund Board in reviewing proposals, has produced a detailed analysis of these proposal submissions.
Some tips for creating a successful proposal and fulfill our reviews:

  • Explain how the project is truly a special project, as opposed to a “business as usual” development project;
  • Show that your project is right now the right one to start with;
  • Meet the Fund’s requirements for cost effectiveness;
  • Specify the economic, environmental and social benefits of the project.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like more information  about our realized projects.We would be pleased if you send us a message.