What do we do?
M7E provides a comprehensive and complementary program of real estate.
M7E is a company composed of experienced process managers, development managers and project managers experienced in complex multidisciplinary projects.

Assumption is that there are always changes. M7E brings immediate advantages, disadvantages and options with respect to the method, schedule and budget identified.
This has been able M7E rapid decision making and changes smoothly in an ongoing process to incorporate change.
M7E coordinates and supervises the parties who are independent of each other but need each other.

Adaptations of city living and working environment always go hand in hand with change. We are well versed in the local market, know the people and know what to buy.

M7E can draw on experienced project managers and process managers, professional and enthusiastic, at least twenty years project experience.

Success factors
All communications, knowledge and experience with one person for clear, manageable and effective collaboration. We deliver quality through cooperation.

Commercial real estate, commercial properties, Area Development.

Housing scope
Urbanism, Malls, Offices, Residential, Event Centers, Water parks, Stadiums, Care centers and Leisure centers.