Construction and Civil Management

A brief overview of our program:

  • Accompany the brief;
  • Advising grouping;
  • Select Market Supervising development process,
  • New Construction and Renovation,
  • Planning application,
  • Building design concept,
  • Construction Cost Management,
  • Drafting budget from global to detail,
  • Preparation and audit planning,
  • Engineering,
  • Detailing,
  • Drafting specifications and drawings;
  • Selection project participants;
  • Organization of procurement and contracting,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Safety and health,
  • Monitoring, project management,
  • Organizational removal process,
  • Maintenance and management advice;
  • Completion of Management,
  • Facility Management Consultancy.
Key project issues include:

  • Electrical, mechanical,
  • IT, architectural, civil,
  • Security,
  • Building and environment-related activities.

M7E works with modeled reports, processes and systems based on BS EN ISO 9001. We work according to relevant standards and guidelines.